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Truck & Trailer

Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Trailer & Truck Cleaning Services

Here at The Men in Black we offer a powerful cleaning service for your trucks, trailers and other vehicles that’s much quicker than other cleaning or surface preparation methods.

Dustless Blasting a great option to help maintain your fleet, trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles. The dustless blaster can safely remove rust, grime, grease, paint and other unwanted material from your vehicle easily and efficiently. We can also remove decals and adhesive – fast!

The dustless blaster uses water and an eco-friendly glass abrasive to create a powerful but effective blast that doesn’t create huge dust plumes, or use harmful cleaning chemicals. Get your trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles looking brand new with Mobile Dustless Blasting!

Get Your Vehicles Sparkling with Dustless Blasting!

Fleet Cleaning Services

If you need to keep your work fleet in tip top condition, dustless blasting is a cost-friendly and effective maintenance tool. Dustless blasting offers a range of benefits for your fleet cleaning needs, including:

  • Decal removal & preparation. Don’t spend hours trying to peel back stubborn decals before attempting to scrub off the adhesive! Dustless blasting will easily remove both decal and adhesive, leaving you with a clean surface. We can also prepare your fleet’s surfaces to place new decals.
  • Cleaning & Fleet maintenance. Keep your fleet in top condition with effective cleaning that can remove rust, stains, grime, grease and paint. We can adjust the blast power to ensure you get the exact level of cleaning you need.

The Men in Black Fleet Cleaning & Truck Cleaning Services is mobile and covers the Melbourne area. Dustless Blasting is quick, safe and doesn’t cause undue disruption to your workforce with messy dust plumes.

Get Your Vehicles Sparkling with Dustless Blasting!

  • Fast, efficient process
  • Saves time & money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High quality finish
  • No warping
  • No mess

We provide free quotes on all work and are happy to offer advice and information on how we can help you maintain your trucks, trailers, and work fleets. So get in touch today to find out more!

The Men in Black: Protecting Your Surfaces From Scum!

Need an expert team to blast the scum and mess from your surfaces and get them looking like new?

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