Plant & Equipment Cleaning

Plant & Equipment Cleaning

Maintain Your Plant & Equipment

Keeping your plant and equipment in exemplary condition just got a lot easier with our Mobile Dustless Blasting for commercial equipment cleaning!

We have experience in surface preparation and cleaning using our eco-friendly and efficient Dustless Blasting techniques. We deliver safe, cost-effective blasting that can be used on a huge variety of surfaces, in industries including but not limited to:

  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Milling Industry
  • Building & Construction Industry
  • Marine Industry

Fast, Effective Cleaning Solution For All Industries

Building & Construction Industry

Mobile Dustless Blasting is perfect for cleaning and preparing surfaces in the construction industry, and can be used in a huge variety of cost-effective ways:

  • Scaffolding equipment cleaning – keep on top of cleaning regulations using this fast and efficient method
  • Removing cement from cement trucks – faster and cleaner than needle scaler or harsh chemicals
  • Cement form-work cleaning
  • Bitumen plant & equipment cleaning
  • Holding & transportation tank cleaning
  • Mechanical equipment cleaning

We can remove all types of paint, oil, grease, renders, graffiti, mould, mildew, stains, bitumen, cement, poly-seals, binders, cold mixers, emulsions, epoxies and resins.

Food & Beverage Industry

Dustless Blasting is safe and effective for removing unwanted material from food and beverage preparation areas and equipment. Get Dustless Blasting for:

  • Food preparation & manufacturing areas
  • Food manufacturing equipment
  • Mechanical parts
  • Abattoirs
  • Wineries
  • Alcohol distilleries

We can remove fat, oil, grease, baked on carbon, mould, slime, scale, stains, stickers, old food produce, wine residue, chemical contaminants and odours from your surfaces our eco-friendly Dustless Blasting techniques.

Milling Industry

Dustless Blasting can safely and quickly remove material from milling equipment, including the removal of:

  • Juice residues
  • Sap residues and stains
  • Sugar scale
  • Oils, grease, natural & synthetic fats, waxes

Mining Industry

The Men in Black are experienced at cleaning and preparing surfaces in the Mining Industry. Remove material such as oil, grease, petrochemical residues, bitumen, paint, scale, mould, mildew, carbon from a range of surfaces, including concrete.

Get Dustless Blasting for:

  • Drilling rigs
  • Plant & heavy equipment
  • Mechanical parts & machinery

Marine Industry

We have your marine equipment and surfaces covered with mobile Dustless Blasting! Dustless Blasting can help with fiberglass restoration and safely remove a variety of material from your surfaces, including removal of:

  • Anti-fouling paint
  • Lacquers & varnishes from timber
  • Oil, grease, carbon
  • Scale and slime from mechanical parts

Don’t see Your Industry? Get in Touch!

We love Dustless Blasting not only because it’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly surface cleaning and preparation method, but because it’s so flexible. It can be used on a huge range of surfaces and equipment types across many industries – so if you don’t see your industry listed above, no worries!

Just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to discuss your commercial equipment cleaning needs with you.

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