Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Specialist Floor Cleaning & Sealing Services

Need help getting your floors clean, tidy and safe? The Men in Black can help with a range of professional floor cleaning and sealing services in the Melbourne and surrounding areas. We’re available for a range of jobs – from stripping and sealing floors in your home, to regular sweeping and cleaning of carpets and office flooring.

Got an industrial unit or warehouse that needs a one-off deep clean, or regular maintenance cleans? We can help with high-pressure warehouse cleaning and dustless blasting.

Maintain and Revitalise Your Floors

Floor Cleaning – Home & Commercial

Do you have worn, dirty or tarnished floors? Need some help to spruce them up and improve the look of your rooms? We offer professional floor cleaning for commercial and domestic properties. So whether you are in a busy office that has scuff marks and stains, or want to get the floors in your home sparkling – we can help.

We can offer one-off cleans if you need to remove stubborn stains, or regular floor cleaning to maintain your floors and keep them looking fantastic.

Our services maintain and revitalise all types of floor surfaces – from hardwood floors to carpet, stone, vinyl & tile.

  • Sweeping & mopping
  • Polishing
  • vacuuming
  • Machine scrubbing
  • Steam cleaning of carpets
  • Steam cleaning of tiles and grout
  • Strip and Seal of vinyl, stone, linoleum and hardwood floors
  • Scrub and recoat of high traffic areas in between complete strip and refinishes.
  • High speed buffing of hard floors
  • Cleaning, sealing, diamondising, crystalising and restoration of natural stone floors
  • Refinishing of hardwood floors

Fast and Efficient High Pressure Cleaning of Factory Floors and Industrial Work Sites

Industrial Floor Cleaning

Keeping your industrial surfaces clean is vital to maintain a professional look and ensure health & safety standards are met. The Men in Black are ready to help with floor cleaning for warehouses and other industrial premises.

We have over 40 year’s experience in the business and use powerful industrial sweepers to ensure that your floors are kept clean and tidy. We can visit you for a one-off deep clean or set up a regular scheduled clean to keep your warehouse, factory or other industrial units in top shape.

Our methods include state of the art dustless blasting –  a unique surface cleaning method that can remove even tough dirt and stains without leaving plumes of dust behind. It’s a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly high-pressure cleaning method, guaranteed to get the job done with the minimum of fuss! Using water at high-pressure, we can eliminate dirt and grime from your surfaces without leaving unsightly scratches or marks behind!

Protect and Restore Your Flooring with Our Strip and Seal Service

Strip & Seal for Flooring

Vinyl, linoleum and hardwood surfaces are durable and can look fantastic – so long as they are properly maintained. Without the correct methods to fully strip your vinyl floor and the application of high-quality sealant surfaces can get damaged, leading to cracks and other blemishes. Other flooring such as porous stone can also benefit from sealant to keep the floor looking spotless and fresh.

The Men in Black can help you to protect new floors, and return older floors to their original lustre with our special strip & seal service. We’ll deep clean the surface, removing any ingrained dirt and marks, before adding a sealant to protect your floor.

Our strip and seal service for flooring involves:

  1. Recommend the best protection for your type of floor and its intended use.
  2. Remove the old sealer with stripping solution
  3. Remove the top protective layer with specialised equipment
  4. Apply neutralising solution
  5. Rinse floor and allow to dry
  6. Apply several coats of the appropriate sealant, allowing 30-45 minutes drying time between coats.

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