Emergency Cleaning & Flood Restoration

Emergency Cleaning & Flood Restoration

Do you Need Help in a Hurry?

If you’ve been hit by an unexpected emergency The Men in Black can help! We offer emergency cleaning and flood restoration services in the Melbourne area at short notice.

Got a carpet that’s suffered flood or other water damage, or an industrial spill that needs urgent attention? Call us. Our professional emergency cleaning service operates on an on-call basis, so we can be there quickly to help you restore order and get your premises clean and healthy again.

So if you need help after an accident or flood has damaged your carpets, surfaces and other aspects of your property – we’ll be there – day or night.

On Call for Last Minute and Emergency Cleaning - Day or Night

Peace of Mind with Professional Emergency Cleaning

We can help take care of any clean up that you need completing in a hurry. Our 40-years of experience in the business means we have a wide range of specialised tools and equipment for a fast, hassle-free, eco-friendly clean in any situation.

Whether your clean up is large or small, our friendly professional team can quickly diagnose the problem and come up with a fast solution with minimal fuss.

We cover residential, commercial and industrial emergencies, both indoor and outside.

Call us for last-minute cleaning of any surface. Common problems we help with are:

  • Fire damage cleaning
  • Vandalism cleanups
  • Flood and spillage cleaning of all types
  • Graffiti removal from any surface
  • Mud & debris removal
  • Stain removal
  • Sanitising and disinfecting all surfaces
  • Plant and equipment cleaning
  • Odours neutralisation

So, if you’ve suffered a mishap in your property – don’t panic! Call Eamon direct on 0402 286 205.

Fast and Professional Cleaning for Spillage, Leakage and Floods

Flood Cleaning & Restoration in Melbourne

Our Flood Cleaning & Restoration service provides you with fast and professional cleaning for spillage, leakage and floods.

We understand the importance of moving quickly to avoid the growth of toxic bacteria and fungus. Our fast service will help to minimise long-term water damage and return the area to safe use as soon as possible.

From clean flood water to mud, sewer and hazardous emergencies, we have you covered.

We can:

  • Sanitise and disinfect
  • Remove flood stains
  • Neutralise odours
  • Dry and dehumidify
  • Removal of mud & debris
  • Dispose of waste
  • Extract flood water
  • Remove sewer overflow
  • Dry carpet with blower/dryers
  • Steam clean wet carpets and upholstery
  • Unclog outdoor drains and pits

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