About Us

About Us

Who Are The Men In Black?

The Men In Black are an Australian owned and operated family business with over 40 years in the industry. Our experienced and expert workers span three generations who all work together in the business. In fact, our elder statesman and founder, Martin Hehir, is 80 years young and still going strong! His son, Eamon, now heads up the business and is your first port of call for all work.

Over the years we’ve grown our business through our dedication and passion for using the latest, most effective and socially responsible cleaning methods in industrial and commercial cleaning. And, as technology has evolved so have we, with the adoption of Mobile Dustless Blasting. This is a safe, environmentally sound and effective surface preparation and cleaning method.

Martin, Eamon and the Team

Defending Surfaces and Equipment from Grime, Dirt, Graffiti and a Whole Host of Other Nasties

Why ‘The Men in Black?’

Over the years we’ve had different colour uniforms, including orange, green and finally black. It was then that a client jokingly referred to us as ‘The Men in Black.’ Once we had that name there was no going back – too many clients loved it and thought it described us perfectly.

We might not be “defending earth from the scum of the galaxy,” but we like to think we know a thing or two about defending your surfaces and equipment from grime, dirt, graffiti and a whole host of other ‘nasties’ that need a professional solution!

Efficient and Effective Dustless Blasting with the DB500 Dustless Blaster

What You Get From The Men In Black

The Men In Black offer:

  • A mobile, on-site service from a dedicated, friendly team, covering the whole of Melbourne
  • The best in flexibility with our 7 days a week service
  • Efficient and effective Dustless Blasting Technology with the DB500 Dustless Blaster. The DB500 offers a winning combination of power and productivity with an enormous blast tank capable of running continuously for up to 1 hour.
  • An environmentally responsible and cleaner solution to blasting. Our recycled glass abrasive ensures the dust plume is eliminated, giving you safe and effective blasting without the need for harsh chemicals.

We’re confident that we can help with even the toughest of jobs, and our highly experienced staff are always happy to offer advice and consultation on your blasting needs.

So if you need a quick and cost-effective solution for your surface preparation and cleaning needs, Get in touch today to see how we can help you!

The Men in Black: Protecting Your Surfaces From Scum!

Need an expert team to blast the scum and mess from your surfaces and get them looking like new?

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